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Instinct With Matthieu Paris

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Instinct With Matthieu Paris
Instinct With Matthieu Paris

GayVN Performer of the Year Nominee Jake Deckard has his lips around a fat cigar while Exclusive Star Matthieu Paris eats his pits. These two men easily fill the huge empty space with their sexual energy. Matthieu moves quickly from Jake's pits to worshiping his dick. Matthieu is an expert cocksucker and an eager one. He spits and gags and licks it right up, swallowing Jake's hard-on over and over.

Jake feeds it to him, ramming it down his throat between puffs of smoke and spitting. With Jake's dick well serviced, it's time to fill his ass. Jake bends over and takes Matthieu's huge erection. Jake spreads his hairy ass, giving it up for Matthieu to use as he wishes. The fucking here is hard and energetic and soon Matthieu wants to take his turn. Jake starts plugging Matthieu hard, slows and fucks him gently, then brings the energy back up to full-on pounding.

With Jake humping away, Matthieu's large cock drips with pre-cum. These two men move from doggie style to face-to-face and then to Matthieu squatting up and down on Jake's massive cock. The penetration here is the star and every inch is essential. When the fucking climaxes, Matthieu stands with Jake's finger up his butt and shoots a huge load. Jake follows suit, hitting his muscled chest with cum and a few drops even hit his chin.