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Boners with Matthieu Paris

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Boners with Matthieu Paris
Boners with Matthieu Paris

Huessein is washing himself off in an outdoor shower as the final scene begins. The water trickles down his furry chest and over his already hard cock. As he exits the shower he is fortunate enough to find Tamas Eszterhazy and Matthieu Paris in the nearby hot tub. As Huessein joins them, the dick sucking begins and Huessein is the center of this amazing threesome.

Matthieu and Tamas take turns with Huessein's boner and then get some oral attention of their own. When the fucking starts, this scene really burns up the screen. Matthieu is the first top and his huge erection fills every inch of Tamas's hungry hole. Huessein is next to pump Tamas while Tamas is busy sucking dick.

Both Tamas and Huessein shoot loads but the scene has only begun. Matthieu is next up for bottoming and Huessein is quick to fill his butt. In the golden sun, the action is nonstop. Huessein plows away as Matthieu groans. Matthieu's hole is never satisfied and Huessein is happy to provide a hard cock for its pleasure. These two fuck as the sun begins to set and the cum flies as both men cover Matthieu in jizz.