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Fist & Shout with Matthieu Paris - Part 2

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Fist & Shout with Matthieu Paris - Part 2
Fist & Shout with Matthieu Paris - Part 2

The word is out and critics agree! Raging Stallion's FIST AND SHOUT PART 1 is destined to become a favorite classic among the butt pig crowd! It is with great pride that we let the other fist fall: FIST AND SHOUT PART 2.

Shot in the same vein - and the same week - as its predecessor, PART 2 delivers more amazing, greedy, pro ass pig performances by Raging Stallion Exclusives MATTHIEU PARIS, BILLY BERLIN, and MARC LASALLE, and features the incredibly talented LEE HEYFORD.

What's more, three new-to-our-studio studs lend their hands to the action: the incredibly sexy VIOLATOR, beefy, bottomless BUTCH GRAND, and new discovery CARLOS PENATE. True to form, these guys deliver, slipping and splitting open holes from top to bottom - two and a half hours of pig butt play in all!