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Fist & Shout with Matthieu Paris - Part 1

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Fist & Shout with Matthieu Paris - Part 1
Fist & Shout with Matthieu Paris - Part 1

Raging Stallion's latest fisting flick has got to be the greasiest, filthiest, most rosebud-laden fist pic we've ever released. Arms up to elbows, double paw stretching, grease coated super handball!! With Raging Stallion Exclusives MATTHIEU PARIS, BILLY BERLIN, MARC LASALLE, and featuring LEE HEYFORD, this balls to the wall, open canyon hole of a movie will leave your mouth gaping as wide as the asses splashed across your TV screen.

Three scenes fill over two hours in this second fisting feature shot, cut, and directed by Raging Stallion Studio's veteran head of Post Production, David Hempling. "I couldn't believe our great fortune in bringing together this amazing cast for my next fisting feature," David said.

"These amazingly sexy guys not only have the talent and the desire to show off their abilities, they've got the right attitude as well. Broad smiles and knowing, leering grins flash across their faces as they sink slippery paws and arms into each other's holes. They all loved performing for my camera. No doubt about it!"